Make people live and work together, discriminating only through talent.

Club Med’s international success combined with the nomadic nature of its staff allows it to open up its horizons and develop a unique expertise in the management of people from different origin, culture, nationality and religion.


  • 95% of the Service Manager and 100% of Resort Managers come from internal promotion
  • In the Resorts, higher rates of training and mobility for women than for men
  • Club Med signed the Diversity Charter since 2004
  • Objective hiring methods, raising awareness about diversity and non-discrimination
  • Agreement on the employment of seniors and on professional gender equality
  • 15 or more nationalities in 45% of Resorts
  • Specific trainings about management in multicultural environment

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In France, 2017:

  • An employment rate of disabled people of 4.7% (subcontract included)
  • 42 persons hired and 133 disabled workers employed
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