Manage our Resort by respecting environment

Objective: 100% of Resorts GREEN GLOBE* certifiedLogo GreenGlobe Certified Resort
International sustainable  tourism certification

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Its G.O constitute the Club’s largest source of renewable energy!  G.M are well aware of this Club-specific energy source, but are probably less aware of the more discreet but equally professional managment of the Resorts’ technical resources, one of which is energy.


  • 100% of waste water is treated and in most cases recycled. 90% of Resorts have water flow reducers and 47% have drip irrigation
  • -24,8% of water consumption reduction in hydric-stressed zones from 2010 to 2018 (in absolute)


Climate : what is Club Med doing? To know more click here.

  • -3,3% of energy consumption reduction from 2010 to 2017, per day, by renewing the equipment, conducting innovative actions and changing behaviors
  • Reduction of 15% in fuel fossil consumption within 4 years
  • 16% of our electricity consumption derives from renewable sources


  • Waste is reduced at source and selective sorting is applied in all sectors and staff is trained in the matter ; 70% of Resorts monitor their waste
  • Innovative recycling center setting up thanks to Club Med at Cap Skirring (Senegal).
  • Food waste: Specialising in buffets for over 60 years, Club Med performs well in benchmarks, with only 101g/meal, thanks to multiple good practices (gathered in a manual in 2014)

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  • Differentiated management of landscaped areas, choice of local and non-invasive plants, reintroduction of endemic species, elimination of chemical fertilizers and pesticide use
  • Vittel golf, France, « GEO™ » eco-certified
  • Eco-responsible purchasing in sensitive products (charter for Wood since 2007, charter for Fishes since 2008, FSC or PEFC certified paper for our brochures since 2010, no overfished species since 2008)
  • Club Med Play Application : Club Med launches its brand new smartphone App to discover natural treasures of the Village of Opio in Provence. With your familly, friends, colleagues or even on your own, explore thanks to the App its natural and cultural heritage and discover what our G.O and G.E team do every day to protect it.


Daniel Isoardi, Nova Jardins Director,
présents you the eco responsability approach in Opio Village in Provence.

Our baby sea turtles have hatched !



Club Med measures its progress with “Tech Care”, its global sustainable reporting system.

Specialist in dream locations, aware of their fragility