Our actions

 In the Resorts and the Offices, enthusiastic G.O and G.E are the driving force behind cooperative action.


In the Resorts, the priority is on improving the living conditions and education of disadvantaged children, in the vicinity of the Club Med’s sites.

The education programmes support long-term initiatives in local schools and orphanages: renovating buildings, providing facilities, school kits, and sometimes providing replacement educational staff as part of a one or two-week solidarity leave scheme.

In the Sports Schools, the children are welcomed on a weekly basis in the Resorts and make the most of the facilities under the leadership of the G.O in order to learn sports. The objective is to get as many young people as possible to experience a rewarding, challenging, educational and recreational time together, while also providing a training course in the role of a G.O for the more motivated young people.

The Gateways to Jobs seek to create job-related courses within the Club Med for the young people who are being monitored by the neighbouring partner associations.

The culmination of the charitable season is the Worldwide Snack, which invites children from the neighbouring associations and schools to each Resort: in 2017, for the 18th Worldwide Snack, 2700 children were received in a very joyful and dreamlike atmosphere: bazaars, sporting and artistic activities, banquet buffets, entertainment, etc. for unforgettable joyful moments for the children.

Club Med Resorts often welcome seriously sick children identified by Petits Princes Association and Make-A-Wish Association to fulfill their dreams, such as to ski or to go to the beach for the first time, to do art work, to meet Santa…

Thanks to those two associations and our Resorts’ G.O and G.E commitment, children live magic and extraordinary moments, which give them back strength, hope and joy. Every wish is so unique and emotionally charged that is remains an unforgettable memory for the children, for their families as G.O and G.E.

The program Friends around the world: The children of local communities and the children of the Club Med clients meet each other in a happy atmosphere around activities organized by G.Os. They develop a sharing spirit with a worldwide friendship, and it offers them an opening towards other cultures.

The Foundation also organises initiatives in favour of the environment and sustainable development, by facilitating ad hoc actions such as beach cleaning operations or by supporting long-term local projects with partner associations, such as Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (Ile Maurice) that works to protect the fauna and flora which is under threat, MOm (Grèce) that protects the Mediterranean monk seal, or Agrisud International (Sénégal and Morocco) that supports small local producers.

All around the world, volunteer Offices G.O organize themselves to participate to punctual or recurring solidarity missions.

At the Paris headquarters or in country offices in Miami, Sydney, Lyon, Rio or Montréal, GOs offer their skills to develop projects, and their time and skills to the benefit of local associations close to their place of employment. Others also dedicate part of their holidays to Solidarity Leave in the field of education (support of Education programs in neighbouring schools of our villages in Morocco and Senegal) or environment (eco-volunteering on a sailboat to study and prevent plastic pollution in the Mediterranean).

“We are proud and happy to support them from our Offices, our Resorts.”

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