Happy to share

The Friends of Club Med Corporate Foundation’ fundraising was founded in 2012 in response to a request made by our G.M, with the aim of collecting financial donations from the growing numbers of our clients and partners who also want to participate in the charitable projects identified by the Club Med Corporate Foundation.

This organisation is a charity account under the auspices of the King Baudouin Foundation in Belgium. This highly-reputed umbrella foundation provides a guarantee of the seriousness of the projects selected and the reliability of the donor channels. In some cases, it can also be used to benefit from tax deductions in France, in most European countries and the United States.

The Foundation tries and meet local needs by distributing its resources between large numbers of programmes proposed by G.O & G.E around the world. And, it is through the generosity of our clients, our G.M, now “Gentils Donateurs”, that ever more projects can be turned into reality, and more quickly.”

Agnès Weil, General Delegate of Club Med Corporate Foundation

Be ‘Happy to Share’ by giving to the Friends of Club Med Corporate Foundation means supporting projects:

  • which will be of benefit to the countries and regions of the Club Med Resorts and business units
  • in which G.O and G.E are themselves involved
  • and whose selection process and seriousness are guaranteed by the King Baudouin Foundation of Belgium
  • for which at least 95% of the donations will be of direct benefit to the beneficiaries, given that the running costs are paid for by the Club Med Foundation
  • which are eligible for an income tax and wealth tax rebate, with tax receipt (depending on the nationality and mode of payment of the donation*)

You too, can contribute to the projects of your choice, in total security, by making an online donation on  www.AmisFondationcClubMed.com/fr

During your stay in a Club Med Resort, participate in an auction, a swimming relay, a charitable tournament, make a bank transfer from your armchair to join the Friends of the Foundation’s community.

Over 2000 ‘Gentils Donateurs’ have already sought to share a token of the well-being that they have received during their holidays in the Resorts of the Club with the local population of the host country.

And what’s your idea of sharing happiness?

Your donations to the Friends of the Foundation enable you to benefit from tax deductions applicable in your country*. As an example, French nationals subject to solidarity tax on wealth (ISF) receive a 75% tax reduction on donations made (within statutory limits).

Donate or bequeath a piece of Happiness…

The “Friends of the Club Med Foundation” also offer G.M the opportunity to bequeath or donate a portion of their assets, while benefiting from inheritance or transfer tax exemptions.

Contact the Friends of the Foundation team for more information: friends-foundation@clubmed.com

The King Baudouin Foundation

The King Baudouin Foundation is an independent, pluralistic foundation that financialy supports 1 500 organisations and and individuals every year. The Foundation aims to contribute in innovative and sustainable ways towards greater social justice, democracy and respect for diversity. It also animates debates, reflexions and wants public to get involved in philanthropy.  It is located in Brussels and was created in 1976 in honour of the 25th year of King Baudouin’s reign.

For more information about the King Baudouin Foundation, go to www.kbs-frb.be


*For donations made through the fundraising platform of the Friends of the Foundation, a tax receipt is only issued to tax residents of the Benelux area.

To obtain a tax receipt if you are a French, Swiss, Italian or American tax resident, please consult the FAQ to know how to proceed by clicking here 

For other nationalities: it is not possible to issue tax receipts

“Foundation Corners” to collect material donations

In order to meet the growing demand of G.M to participate in charitable actions, the Club Méditerranée Foundation has set up specific areas to collect material donations of school supplies or early childhood products. The first “Foundation Corners” were created in 2006 and are associated with education programmes.

If you’re planning a holiday in one of our Club Med Resorts, you can participate by donating any of the articles you will find by clicking “here“.